Our Cause, Our Inspiration


While we serve families fighting all life-threatening conditions, as well as their communities, we are inspired by the journeys of families fighting childhood cancers. Cancer is the #1 disease killer of American children. One in five children diagnosed with cancer in the U.S. die. Three of five children diagnosed in the U.S. suffer long-term effects of treatment, such as infertility, cognitive issues, learning disabilities, and secondary cancers. Worldwide, a child is diagnosed with cancer every three minutes. Cancer kills half of all kids diagnosed worldwide. And yet all of this is out of sight, under the radar, off screen. 

Even as cancer affects hundreds of thousands of children worldwide every year, it receives staggeringly little in research funds—less than 4% from the largest federal cancer research organizations, with the majority of funds supporting research for adult cancers. In terms of the metric of “life years saved”, childhood cancers in total equal that of breast cancer, yet our nation's children receive little attention in comparison. 

This inequity is twofold, with children receiving significantly less resources and attention when it comes to: 

  • ACCESS TO ANSWERS: Childhood cancers receive little funding for research and development of new medicine, treatments that support long-term survivorship, and answers to why childhood cancers occur in the first place. Today there are no known preventions and no known cures. Treatments that move toward cures leave children vulnerable to significant secondary risks, so much so that the children who do survive face a lifetime of challenges.
  • ACCESS TO INTEGRATIVE CARE: Kids fighting cancer rarely are given the same access to effective comprehensive-integrative therapies as adults. Most adult cancer treatment centers include proven comprehensive treatment methods such as, anticancer nutrition, acupuncture, therapeutic massage, physical fitness, counseling, and psycho-emotional wellness, while children are usually afforded little in comparison. Today, mostly wealthy and well-informed families are able to cobble together comprehensive-integrative care for their child, with the majority of children left out with little to no access to these essential therapies.

MaxLove Project is taking a stand against this inequity. We are dedicated to providing universal access to integrative care for all SuperKids fighting cancer and life-threatening illnesses. 


The Statistics Are Staggering

  • Worldwide, a child is diagnosed with cancer every three minutes
  • Worldwide, one out of two children diagnosed with cancer die.
  • 80% of children diagnosed with cancer are in developing countries.
  • Cancer is the #1 disease killer of kids in the U.S.
  • In the U.S., one out of every five children diagnosed die.
  • In the U.S., cancer is the second leading cause of death in children, exceeded only by accidents.
  • Three of five pediatric cancer survivors suffer late-effects of treatment.
  • Complementary Alternative Medicine therapies are used by 31% to 84% of children with cancer, both in and outside of clinical trials.
  • Up to 46% of children and young adults with cancer experience malnutrition due to numerous tumor- and treatment-related factors.