Meet The Team


Miriam Kalamian, M.S., M.Ed., CNS Miriam specializes in the implementation of therapeutic dietary carbohydrate restriction, also known as the ketogenic diet. Her passion for helping families comes from her own experience as a mother of a child with brain cancer. When her son's brain tumor continued to grow, she sought out additional therapies and came across the ketogenic diet, a very-low-carbohydrate and high-fat diet designed to limit cancer's food supply. On the diet, her son's tumor shrunk and remained stable for three years. During this time Miriam entered into a graduate program in nutrition science in order to specialize in the ketogenic diet, and today is helping clients of all ages from around the world implement this very powerful therapeutic diet. 

Blakely Page, R.D. After graduating with a BS in Nutritional Sciences from Oklahoma State University, Ms. Page came to Kansas City for her dietetic internship. She worked as a clinical dietitian in three hospitals, the corporate world, and most recently a WIC (women, infants and children) clinic before transitioning to the world of clinical pediatric nutrition. Through her own personal post-graduate journey, Blakely began researching and re-learning the principles of healing nutrition. She now believes that real food, based on traditional, ancestral dietary patterns, is the answer to a variety of chronic and acute health problems. Blakely is a MaxLove Project dietitian who advises cancer-fighting families in our "Fierce Foods Academy." She is also a MaxLove Project blogger

Meet our Executive Board and Founders

SuperMax Wilford,  Founder and Chief Inspiration Officer. Max's background lies in the fields of bravery, playing, running, and laughing. Although he was diagnosed with brain cancer in August 2011 at the age of 4, he is thriving today and inspiring all of us here at MaxLove Project to give nothing but Maximum Love. Max loves giving back, playing Pokemon and video games, little league, and math! His favorite hobby is cooking and he wants to be a chef when he grows up.

Audra D. Wilford, Chief Hope Officer, Co-founder of MaxLove Project and MaxLove Brand.  Audra is proud Momma to Max and his little sister, Maesie.  Inspired by her son Max's (aka SuperMax) battle against brain cancer and the resilience that children teach us in the toughest of situations, Audra founded MaxLove Project to support SuperKids with the same therapeutic resources that helps SuperMax thrive against the odds while battling brain cancer. Audra is passionate about pediatric integrative medicine and has seen first-hand the benefits of nutrition, acupuncture, massage, aromatherapy, sleep, exercise, narrative therapy, art, equine therapy, and much more. She believes that all kids deserve every opportunity, every tool, to thrive in critical care situations and beyond. 

Audra graduated from Teachers College, Columbia University with a Masters degree in Philosophy and Education.  She's been working as an educator, specializing in student leadership development in higher education for over 13 years.  Previously Audra earned a certificate in culinary arts and pursued a career in the restaurant industry.  All of this experience prepared Audra to pursue the very best comprehensive integrative therapies for Max and to create MaxLove Project, paying it forward to build a community of hope and help other families working to thrive against childhood cancers.

Justin G. Wilford, Co-founder of MaxLove Project, Chief Nerd (Director of Research and Educational Resources). Justin's background lies in academia. He has worked in academic publishing and as an academic researcher and instructor since 2003. He holds a PhD from the University of California Los Angeles in cultural geography and has published many peer-reviewed academic journal articles and, most recently, a book on American suburbs and religion, published by New York University Press.

Justin has a deep passion for increasing access to whole-body wellness for all kids. As a writer and educator, he is MLP's chief "translator" of research and best-practices in integrative medicine for kids and families. He is the author of MLP's Fierce Food Guide and Quick Guide to the Ketogenic Diet as an Adjunctive Cancer Therapy. He also blogs for MLP's Fierce Love Blog, is a moderator for the MLP nutritional support group, and tweets from our Twitter handle @maxloveproject.. In addition to creating the content for the Fierce Food Kits and the Fierce Food Parties, Justin is also responsible for our educational materials.  

Diana Costello, Chief Hat Honcho, Co-founder of MaxLove Brand. Diana Costello is a full time wife and mommy.  She and her husband Sloane have two wonderful, energetic kids, Hayden(4.5) and Emerson(2).  In her spare time she works 40 + hours as a Product Development and Sales Director for a Private Label Accessory company located in Los Angeles, CA. producing fashion accessories for many brands and retailers across the nation.  She is compelled to do what she can to conquer childhood cancer whether it be by bringing a smile to a child's face or raising funds that will benefit alternative therapies and nutrition education.

Gina Pirtle, Design Genius, Co-founder of MaxLove Brand. Bio coming soon!

Adrianne Marshack, Counsel of Chiefs.  Adrianne is the proud, adoring, and overly affectionate Mom of Beckett, Cael, and their guardian angel Finn.  Having experienced the pain of losing a child, Adrianne is committed to doing whatever she can to ensure that families with a child (or children) facing life threatening circumstances are empowered as advocates, educators, and caretakers.  An attorney, educator, and filmmaker by training, Adrianne is currently a partner at at boutique litigation law firm in Orange County, specializing in employment law and general business litigation.  

Courtney Collins, Creative Director. Bio coming soon!

Janelle Sorensen, Communications Guru. Bio coming soon!

Meet Our Staff

Kerisa Ward, Programs and Communications Coordinator. Bio coming soon!

Abigail Freeman, Volunteer and Youth Leadership Coordinator. Bio coming soon!